Zhi Shaqi 支霎祺

Zhi Shaqi (Sharky), born 1982 in Shanghai, China, is working for an education agency and as Mandarin teacher in her free time. She started learning painting from a professor when she was a little girl and kept painting her whole life. During the school time, Shaqi took part in a lot of drawing competition and won several prizes. After graduating from Shanghai Foreign Trade Institution, she chose to work as a Mandarin teacher in the Hanyuan Mandarin School. Besides working, Zhi Shaqi paints together with her friend Carlo Nordloh creating their own art in their studio near Fuxing Park. They had several exhibitions in Shanghai and Berlin which brought her a bright new life as an artist.


支霎祺 ( Sharky )

出生于 1982 年的上海。 自小在上海长大。幼年时期便开始跟随其美术老师习画,那时,画画便成了她生活中最大的兴趣,至今未断。中学时期,支霎祺参加了很多少儿美术比赛,并多次获奖。之后,她开始攻读经济专业,大学毕业于上海对外贸易学院,毕业后选择成为一名涉外中文老师。工作之余,她和她的艺术家朋友卡罗,在他们自己的画室中创作属于他们的艺术,乐此不疲。至今两人已在上海 , 柏林举办多次画展,从此,支霎祺便开始了她全新的艺术生涯。