Carlo Nordloh

born 1966 in Bremen, Germany, is a freelance artistand teacher for English and Fine Art. He studied Fine Art and English at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts, Technical University Berlin (Germany), and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). From 1998 to 2004, he worked at a project-oriented secondary school in Berlin, where he organized several exhibitions with his students in Berlin galleries. In addition his teaching, he has worked as a freelance artist and has taken part in several group exhibition in Berlin. In 2004, he rejoined the Berlin Academy of fine arts for further study. His work spans architectural illustrations, the human figure, and typography . Carlo Nordloh spent a year in Ohio, USA, and now lives in Shanghai. He always carries a sketchbook with him to record impressions from his numerous travels.

卡罗 . 诺德罗

1966 年生于德国柏林,是自由艺术家,英语和现代艺术老师。在德国柏林的现代艺术学院和爱尔兰的都柏林的 Trinity 学院 学习了艺术和英语专业。在 1998 年到 2004 年期间,任职于柏林的一所中学,并且和学生一起在柏林的画廊组织了几次展览。与此同时,他还作为自由艺术家参加了柏林的几个展览。 2004 年,他回到柏林艺术大学继续深造。他的作品涵盖了建筑图片,人物形体和印刷。他在美国的 Ohio 生活了一年,现在来到了上海。在数不胜数的旅行中,他总是带着他的速写本,记录下了沿途的印象。