About Us

Carlo Nordloh from Germany and Zhi Shaqi, from Shanghai who collaborate with a similar sense of visual balance to create breath-taking works. Bending European and Asian perspectives, they create a synergy of expression that moves through the course of destruction into creation. Their works of collage, multi media and stream of consciousness are powerful and thought provoking filled with a marriage of west meets east.


来自德国的卡罗 . 诺德罗和来自上海的支霎祺 是以相近的视觉感觉 创造出了令人惊叹的作品 结合了欧洲和亚洲的视角,他们互相配合, 力求表现出游走于破坏到重生过程中的感觉。 他们的抽象拼贴画,多媒体和意识流是非常有力量的,并且促使了东西方文化的融合。